Our Maiden Voyage

After getting underway at 4:06 p.m., we navigated through Port Everglades, avoiding the large container ship and its tugs.  As of 7:27, we are about 2 nautical miles off of Miami Beach.

Early this morning, we flew to Ft. Lauderdale.  Captain Dale picked us up at the airport and we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon getting reacquainted with Beatitude and  provisioning for our maiden voyage upon her.   We will do an overnight passage tonight and hope to reach Marathon, in the keys, tomorrow evening where we will have dinner ashore and spend the night in port.  We have a 5 day window (set by my work schedule in the hospital) in which to travel safely to our home port in Bradenton.

Unfortunately, the wind is on our nose (blowing directly from the direction we need to go, for you non-sailing folks) so we have been motoring and not sailing  today.   That may continue overnight.  We’ll see about tomorrow.  We’ve had dinner aboard and are preparing for our 3 hour on/3 hour off watch schedule for tonight.   Pictures to come at some point  when good internet access  is available.   I am able to put this post up from my iPad thanks to excellent 3G from 2 miles offshore.

2 thoughts on “Our Maiden Voyage

  1. Yea!! First voyage a success! Glad you all had such a nice trip and everything went well! If anyone can be successful at this (and really anything you put your mind to) its YOU, Barry (with Cindy by your side helping out of course :-) Looking forward to having some adventures with you all in the future too! Happy for you two and your new endeavors! I KNOW you will take good care of my Sis or I would be more worried :-) Love ya

  2. Even with the restraints of having to motor rather than sail, it sounds heavenly!! And quite romantic, too. Safe travels and enjoy her to the fullest, as I’m sure is not a problem! What a beauty she is. Love to my friend, Cindy, and you, too, of course;)
    Blessings -Candy

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