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This website chronicles the sailing and cruising adventures of Barry and Cindy Carey.  Our nest has just become empty as our youngest daughter, Mariah, has just graduated from high school and is off to study music in Boston.  Wes have two older children who now reside in Davis, California and New Castle, Pennsylvania.  Now that the children are all grown up, we have decided to sell off everything, buy a sailing vessel, and make plans to sail wherever our whims may lead.  Neither of us have much of a boating/sailing background, but since when does a lack of experience stop the truly adventurous?

I am a Georgia native who toiled in two careers.  For 14 years, I served in various pastoral/ministerial positions before deciding to enter the wild, wild world of emergency medicine.  I have worked as an emergency physician at one of the busiest hospitals in the nation for the past 9+ years.  Cindy and I have been happily married for 33 years.

Cindy, from Ohio, has been a mostly stay-at-home Mom for the past 32 years.  She made a conscious decision from the beginning that her most important and fulfilling place in life would be to dedicate herself to her children.  With the last of her children now moving on to college, she is slowly embracing the challenge of the cruising lifestyle.

The general plan for the future is as follows: For the next 3 years or so (until all our debt is eliminated), Barry will continue to work full-time as an emergency physician while living aboard part-time.  After that, we will sail up the east coast  and down into the Bahamas and Caribbean over the next 3 years.  During that time, Barry will continue to work for a couple of months out of the year.   Then, we will sail wherever and whenever we desire, including ocean crossings and circumnavigations.

We hope you follow along with us on this blog.